How to Maintain an Asphalt Parking Lot

Shopping Center Parking Lot

As parking lots are the first thing a new or repeating customer will see before entering a business, it’s of the utmost importance that the parking lot be well-maintained, clean, and up to commercial standards. A parking lot with excessive potholes, cracks, faded lines, and puddles is an immediate turn off to both clients and customers who rely on a well-maintained parking lot throughout the year.

As parking lots naturally experience a lot of wear-and-tear over time – whether it be from natural sources like air, water, and sun, or from man-made sources like heavy vehicles and accidents, they require routine maintenance to ensure they lasts as long as possible (if well-maintained, a properly paved asphalt parking lot can last 20-30 years.)

Whether you’re looking for asphalt paving, milling, preparation, or grading, the professionals at A. Macchione Brothers are here to help keep your parking lot looking good as new.

How to Maintain an Asphalt Parking Lot

While a crack here and a pothole there might not seem like a big deal in the moment, over time, these flaws in a parking lot’s foundation will only continue to grow and get worse, eventually costing you more money, more time, and a lot more stress.

Trust us, creating a maintenance schedule for your parking lot is a quick solution that will save you down the road.

Keep reading to learn our best tips for maintaining your asphalt parking lot.


Asphalt seal coating ensures a fresh new look that gives any residential home, business, apartment complex, office complex, or industrial complex an updated, cleaner appearance. By creating a durable top layer “sealcoat,” external sources like water, oil, and sun rays have less of a chance to penetrate underneath the asphalt and create more damage.

Depending on usage and weather, a professional sealcoating service can last from two to four years.

Pothole Patching

Growing from the lethal combination of contracting and expanding underground water, potholes are not to be ignored if you’re looking to extend the life of your asphalt parking lot. It’s vital that once you spot a pothole, you call a professional to patch it in order to prevent it from spreading and damaging further ground.

Crack Sealing

Like potholes, cracks can seem harmless until they spread and wreak havoc on an asphalt pavement. To prevent water from entering, the crack should be sealed with crack sealer. This will ensure the longevity of the foundation and typically won’t need to be replaced for about two to three years.

Water Removal

Nothing damages an asphalt parking lot quite like water. As the weather and seasons change, the drastic change in temperatures will cause the water to heat and cool, creating potholes and cracks from the subsequent freeze-thaw cycles. Creating preventative measures to ensure that water doesn’t have the chance to seep into cracks or potholes will be your best, and least expensive, maintenance measure.

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