A Macchione Brothers recommends you do not bring your car onto your new asphalt driveway for about 72 hours (3 days) post paving. However you are able to walk on the driveway as soon as we are done. Keep in mind the asphalt surface will be hot and sticky for a few days

A newly installed asphalt driveway that is properly maintained over the course of its lifetime should last up to 20+ years

A Macchione Brothers recommends sealing your new driveway about 2-3 years after its first installed. After initial seal, driveway should be sealed and crackfilled as needed to extend life

Depending on weather, A Macchione Brothers will install driveways from March – late December.

A Macchione Brothers completes asphalt driveways in 2 phases. First is a one day job to excavate the old driveway and lay a new RCA base. After 1-2 weeks of normal use of the driveway on the RCA base, A Macchione Brothers comes to pave the driveway which is completed in only a few hours.